PvE Builds in Bloodborne are character and equipment choices that focus the player character (the hunter) on solo and cooperative play against regular AI enemies and bosses. Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players.

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Build Name
Starting Origin
Weapon Preference
Blood Echoes & Level
Example Blood Warrior
Your Name
Lone Survivor
Level xxx
Blood Echoes xxxx
A heavier build, focusing on Vitality and Strength. This build is best suited for those looking to utilize heavy offensive melee combat and want to be able to soak some damage and utilize the Regain mechanic.
Engiocsag Rehtaf
Military Veteran
Hunter Axe, Hunter Blunderbass
Level 26
A low level Cannon build with all three Formless Oedon runes equipped, capable of firing cannon for up to four times.
Level 88
Focus on Strength and Arcane. Primary Weapon: Logarius' Wheel, Secondary Weapon: Kirkhammer. Firearms: Ludwig's Rifle, Rosmarinus. Use powerful spells against your foes and crush them under your big wheel! More focus on spells than on firearms.
Bloodtinge & Skill
Military Vet ( could be better)
I choose the axe and pistol.. Upgraded the axe too +3 \ Evelyn +7 and killed the boss in Cainhurst solo with spamming vicreal attacks on em to get Chikage. Evelyn is in the Same location so you got all your weapons anyhow
Very High dps on Chikage while transformed as well as Viscreal Attacks. (PvP wise around 800-1200) (PvE highest I dealt was 4.4k) Evelyn shots deal from 100-300 depending on distance ( 600~ with buff) (only at +9 atm)

SS on my Build page
Professor (SKL)
Threaded Cane
Level 40+
A fresh NG build that can be used to learn the game with minimal frustration, and can either stand on its own or segue into a Blade of Mercy or Burial Blade build in NG+. Focuses on versatility, using both quick Reiterpallasch stunlocks/parries and long-range charged attacks with the Rifle Spear.
Evelyn's Knight
Lone Survivor
Holy Moonlight Sword
A co-op experience build. This build focuses on strength, bloodtinge, and arcane. It is best suited for those who are looking to assist others in most locations throughout the game and is also suited to deal with invaders. This build utilizes a very offensive attacking pattern.

[ Incorporates Fashion-borne for novelty ]
Arcane Knight
King McNeil
Hunters Axe & Saw Cleaver
Level 100+

King McNeil, it might help if you actually post the stats

A strong PvE build that focus' on Strength and Vitality for primary skills, and Arcane and Skill and secondary skills.The strength allows you to utilize the Hunters Axe for maximum damage, and allows for great reach with a trick weapon. The Saw Cleaver is held in right hand 2 slot and is used for quick strikes against faster enemies and also allows for the extended reach with the ability to still use you firearm.
Use any firearm you are most comfortable with, I would still recommend Ludwig's Rifle or Hunter's Pistol. This will allow you to have two firearms that can be efficient in almost every situation.
The Arcane skill only needs to reach 15 so you can use both the Phantasm Shell and the Old Hunter Bone. The Phantasm Shell will provide a Arcane buff to your trick weapon, and the Old Hunter Bone will allow you to roll and dash with and highly accelerated speed. (Be aware the these items use Quicksilver Bullets)
Lone Warrior
Military Vet
Ludwig's Holy Blade & Cannon
Health +50, Strength +30, Skill +40, Stamina +40, Arcane +25
A build that is agile, strong and brave. This character has defeated all bosses with the current stats and weapons.
Primary attire = Crow Attire
This build is quick and very reliable it wont let you down just be ready to take a few punches while trying to create the build to it's fullist.
Arcane Reaper
Level 100+
Health 40+, Stamina 40+, Strength 25, Skill 40+, Bloodtinge 20, Arcane 40+
For this build I wanted to go with the Dark Reaper look so I grinded to get Eileen's Crowfeather Garb, Bone Ash Mask, Cainhurst Gauntlets, and Black Church Trousers.
For RH weapons I use Burial Blade 10+ and Blades of Mercy 9+ LH I use Flamesprayer and the Hunter Blunderbuss. Also use of spell makes this build a amazingly fun, spells I use include: Old Hunter Bone, Tiny Tonitrus, and A Call Beyond.
Runes depend on what situation your going into but i usually run Moon Tier 3, Blood rapture tier 3, and Deep sea tier 3 only because frenzy (I feel) is a constant threat that can take you out quickly.
The Blood Saint's Arsenal
Saint Sebastian
A.K.A PSN: resident_evil545
Waste Of Skin
Threaded Cane
Level 120+
Health 40-50+, Stamina 30+, Strength 25+, Skill 40+, Bloodtinge 20+, Arcane 40+
Clothing: As far as this goes, it has to be clothing that is church related, so black Church set, white Church set, Father Gascoigne's set, or the Choir Set. but it's just what i recommend, the rest is really up to the user's Bidding.
Weapons: Threaded Cane (10+) will bring you a long way in combat, and for all of those fashion-Borne fans out there, you may rejoice. the Repeating pistol (at least 6+) will be a great accomplice to the cane. as for the secondary weapons. Ludwigs Holy Blade (9+) will do it justice. just stick with the great sword form and you should be fine. and for a little extra fire power, use the cannon (at least 7+).
Hunter tools: A Call Beyond, Choir bell
Runes: Great Lake tier 3, clockwise metamorphosis tier 3, Anti-clockwise metamorphosis tier 3.
Raven Knight
Troubled Childhood
Burial Blade
Level 100+
Health: 50 Stamina: 40 Strength: 40 Skill: 50 Bloodtinge: 8 Arcane: 25
The Raven Knight is an absolute beast in terms of damage and rally potential, this character is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing builds in the game.
Play style: Perfect for players who are aggressive, yet tactical. The high rally potential of the Burial Blade works wonders while impressice arcane stats allow for limitless possibilities. This is a build that can get you through NG, but really opens up to its potential in NG+.
Character Design: Don't waste any time with the face/hair, because the centerpiece of this character is the Beak Mask, which covers your entire head. In combination with the Knight's Garb (especially for female Hunters) is incredible and satisfying.
I like this build in cahoots with Eileen the Crow's Hunter of Hunters guild, naturally. But that specific characterization is left to the player. Just don't forget to befriend Eileen early on, or else return to the Grand Cathedral to prey upon her, in order to attain her mask.
Corrupted Hunter
Cruel Fate
Tonitrus & Blunderbuss
Level 10+
Health: 30+ Stamina: 30+ Strength: 25 Skill: 12 Bloodtinge: 5 Arcane: 45+
Great build for those who are trying Arcane for the first time.
Play Style: Strong and aggressive build with high potential for damaging attacks and use of hunter's tools. Focus on STR early to clear the first couple bosses, then go all-in on Arcane. Save your blood stones for when you get your hands on the Tonitrus, as that will be the #1 weapon for the majority of the game.
Character Design: The "corruption" angle is fun to run with. I chose a pale green color for the face, with the creepy red mad-scientist glasses and a white beard. That face combined with Gascoigne's set makes for a fantastic looking character, who is sort of a mix between a Wild West gunslinger and a fantasy-style mage. Looks especially great when casting A Call Beyond or unloading with the blunderbuss.
Naturally, it makes sense to join the Vile Bloods with this character, but that choice remains with the player. After lvl 100, focus on getting ARC up to 50, then VIT & END as high as you need to feel comfortable.
Yharnam Hunter
Military Veteran
Ludwig's Holy Blade
Level 10+
Health: 30+ Stamina: 30+ Strength: 40+ Skill: 40+ Bloodtinge: 8 Arcane: 9
A full-on quality build. Perfect for those new to Bloodborne, as well as those who want to use the super-enjoyable weapon, Ludwig's Holy Blade.
Play style: Balanced and all-around attributed make almost any playstyle feasible, and also allows you to use almost any weapon in the game to do serious damage. High survivability and endurance also ensure that you can take hits and keep pace with your rallying.
Character Design: This is the "everyman" build, in a sense. I like the character to be normal looking, with none of the outrageous features that make Bloodborne's character creation process such a hoot. This is just 'that guy' or 'that girl.'
Old Yharnam Hunter
Violent Past
Saw Cleaver
Level 108
Health: 50; Stamina: 20; Strength: 50; Skill: 25; Bloodtinge: 6; Arcane: 7
A build that focuses on Vitality and Strength, Dodging and Parring, Saw Cleaver and Hunter Pistol. Great for both PvE and PvP. Check the link for more details.

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