PvP Builds in Bloodborne are character and equipment choices that focus the player character (the hunter) on competitive play against other players. Builds listed in this page are created and categorized by players.

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Build Name
Starting Origin
Blood Echoes & Level
Blood Warrior
Your Name
Lone Survivor

Level xxx
Blood Echoes xxxx
A heavier build, focusing on Vitality and Strength. This build is best suited for those looking to utilize heavy offensive melee combat and want to be able to soak some damage and utilize the Regain mechanic.
Engiocsag Rehtaf
Military Veteran

Level 26
A low level Cannon build with all three Formless Oedon runes equipped, capable of firing cannon for up to four times.
Divide and Conquer

Attire is personal preference. I personally use Gehrman's coat, graveguard gloves and white church trousers.
Runes are preference too, I personally use Vit 15% and End 20% and 15%.
I also use items. Blue Elixir, Lead Elixir, Fire/Bolt Paper and Bone Marrow Ash.
BL-100 Vit-37 End-30 Str-10 Skl-40 Bld-25 Arc-08
Builds By Fundzo
Heaps yo, there's a lot of different ones

These are my builds! Ranging from SKL to STR to BLD and ARC. This will always be updated when I come up with new ideas and it was to stop the flood on the front page with all my builds!
PSN: Fundzo (drop me a message anytime ill answer it)
Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/sleepyheadgaming Support me on twitch if you can it really helps me out in a big way and at least i know some people are happy with what im doing!
Every build will use its own weapon to its max efficiency! It doesn't mean using all the weapons, but instead one. Have fun picking the build you like, all have been tested by me and I stream these builds doing some PvP. Enjoy and drop a suggestion(weapon or stat) for a build on my table page.
Overpower and Overcome
Military Veteran

Level 130
An amazing strength based build that focuses on being stronger and more powerful than your enemies.
Stats: Vit-50 End-40 Str-50 Skl-20 Bld-10 Arc-10
Equipment: Kirkhammer, Logarius Wheel, and Ludwigs Holy Blade | Hunter Pistol & Cannon
Items: Iron Elixir and Molotovs
Runes: Hp up, Dmg Resist, and Stamina up
Hollowed Soul
Noble Scion
Fist of Gratia
An offensive oriented build. This build focuses on skill and bloodtinge. It is best suited for those who are looking to hunt others in most locations throughout the game and is also suited to deal with cooperators. This build utilizes a very pure aggressive attack pattern.

[ Incorporates Fashion-borne for novelty ]
Cainhurst Katana Wielder
Miltary Veteran

Level 80
A balanced and decent-ish PvP-focused build, focusing on the Chikage katana and the Cainhurst set.
Anyway, feel free to mess around with the build a bit if you want, see if you can make it any better.
Ludwig's Set Build
Military Veteran

Level 60-100
This build is for people who miss Greatswords! (Me) This weapon has an amazing moveset, and hits extremely hard. Have your weapon at +10 for TONS OF DAMAGE. If your opponent doesn't time his roll your charged R2 can easily hit 1-1.5k (Test it out).
Waste of Skin

This is a Skill build with the secondary offensive stat in Bloodtinge and the third offensive stat in Arcane.
Vitality 35
Endurance 16
STR 14
Skill 30
Bloodtinge 18
Arcane 15

Melee Weapons: Burial Blade and Blades of Mercy
Range: Ludwig's Rifle and Evelyn's.

Hunters Bone
Beast Roar
Bone Marrow Ash

+HP 10% and 15%
Two Video of the Builds:
Bloodtinge & Skill Build
Military Veteran

I choose the axe and pistol.. Upgraded the axe too +3 \ Evelyn +7 and killed the boss in Cainhurst solo with spamming vicreal attacks on em to get Chikage. Evelyn is in the Same location so you got all your weapons anyhow
Very High dps on Chikage while transformed as well as Viscreal Attacks. (PvP wise around 800-1200) (PvE highest I dealt was 4.4k) Evelyn shots deal from 100-300 depending on distance ( 600~ with buff) (only at +9 atm) SS on my Build page
Quality PVP Build
Military Veteran

Level 80
This is a quality build for being able to use all right hand weapons with efficiency as well as most bar the most intensive left hand weapons.
Vit: 37
End: 25
Str: 25
Skl: 25
Bld: 12
Arc: 6

On my right hand I have Burial Blade and Ludwig's with my best physical gems inserted.
On left hand I have Hunter's pistol (For PvE) and the Blunderbuss (For PvP)
Runes I use are the best +Hp and +Stamina ones available.

Link to see build in action:
Blood Ranger
PSN :King_ Gilgamesh1

This is a insane bloodtinge heavy build. Be expecting blood vile battles because your gone be needing to use them. Battles with this build could be done in 3 ways. 1 Heavy melee focus 2 gun only shots (preety sweet that you can kill somone with a gun) and 3 A gun melee combo where you first use bone ash on the gun fire once half theier hp is gone and finish in one to 2 hits.
Quality Skill

A real general quality build.

The build allows you to basically use anything you wish minus the Evelyn could reduce the amount of vit and get enough points to even use the evelyn. The reason for the higher skill then Str is mostly preference based on weapon, I use the Burial Blade and Blades of Mercy along with the Hunter's Pistol which works quite well but the skill at 30 is due to that both the Burial Blade and Blades of Mercy scale from Skill rather then strength. Lots of endurance cause afaik both the Burial Blade and Blades of Mercy gain extra attack damage on their dash attacks (Note the sounds n white trail effect during dash attacks)

Vid of it in action(Lv80 at time of recording): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg-O8l2hExA

Good minmaxed build for a low-mid level gankspanks. WIde swings and big regain of burial blade helps alot. Parrying tool can be choosen between base pistol and shotgun ( large shot's cone gives some random parries against 2-3 r1-spamers ).
Vit: 30
End: 20
Str: 10
Skill: 25
Runes: Anti-Clockwise Metamorphosis ( stamina +15% ), Clawmark's ( v.atk+ ), Hunter ( stamina regen ).
Fashion: Bone Ash Gauntlets, Hunter Trousers, head-body - Crowfeather.
Ancient Hunter Katrina
Military Veteran (Professional is better)

Vit: 34End: 20Strength:14Skill: 50Bloodtinge: 7Arcane: 25BoM and Burial Blade both scales with arcane so thats why you wanna soft cap on arcane. Off hand should be pistol for speedy parry. Runes: Claw mark (Strengthen visceral attack) , Hunter (stamina regen), Anti-Clock Metamorphosis (increase max. stamina), (last one can be any of your choice).
Meta 120 Quality Build

Vitality = 40
Endurance = 16
Skill = 30
Str = 30
Bloodtinge = 30
Arcane = 15

Use any weapons you fancy. Cannon/Evelyn, Chikage or Ludwigs, Saw Cleaver.. Whatever.

There are about 10 points left over. This can go into a stat of your preferred weapon (ie take Bloodtinge to 40 if like the Chikage or STR for Kirkhammer/wheel). Or it can go into Endurance/Vitality.

Runes = +15% HP Rune, +20% Stamina, +15% Stamina.

18 Minute Mash up Video using this build.
Min Max Skill/Arcane
Cruel Fate

Vitality: 30 - 50
Endurance: 20
Strength: 10
Skill: 25 - 50
Bloodtinge: 5
Arcane: 15

Blade of Mercy for rushing your opponent, and Burial Blade because it is badass and has reach.
Rosmarinus is there for some situations, and then a basic Hunter firearm. (Either the blunderbuss or pistol, just personal preference)
Runes: Health, Stamina, your choice, and whatever Oath.
15 Arcane makes the beast roar and old hunter bone available, the bone is especially lethal with the BoM.
Fashionborne: All bone ash except for Crowfeather Garb.
Choir Arcanist
Cruel Fate

Vit 20 / End 15 / Str 12 / Skl 9 / Blt 5 / Arc 49
Choir Cosplay build for low level invasions.

Class Cannon
Captain Keks
Waste of Skin
It's a very high damage output build involving the Cannon that's all about 1 shotting your opponent.
Full Text Guide: Click here
Video Guide: Click here
Invasions using this build: Click here
Reaper of blood-addled Spirits
Waste of Skin
Hunter of Hunters Skill Build
Decent overall resistance
high damage output
Ultimate Low-Level Builds
I will give a list of builds that will each specialize in a stat and set of weapons, or just be something fresh and new depending on how creative I can be. These builds are ideal for your gank-spanks (or just some good old hunting on the newbies), or to give the jolly cooperation you want to give without being a burden or being overpowered.

By that I mean, you won't do any Chalice Dungeon farming (the most you will farm will be the Brain Mensis enemies near the Lighthouse Hub). There may be an exception to the Arcane build, though.

I will update this periodically. Give me time, and you'll see links with more detail on each build.

Strength Build

Skill Build

Bloodtinge Build

Arcane Build

Vitality Build

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