Weapon Attack Rating and Scaling Calculator is a page for community created tools that determine weapon damage output at specific stats. You can add your own spreadsheets to this.

This tool was created by Silvard

You can find the original version here

Another tool, created by Rhoparkour
  • "The scaling damage of a weapon follows the following formula: ScaleD = BaseD*StatBNS*StatScale
  • BaseD = Base damage of the damage type you want to calculate scaling for
  • StatBNS = Hidden stat that scales witht he stat relevant to scaling, ranges from 0 to 1. There's StrBNS, SklBNS, BldBNS and ArcBNS
  • StatScale = A weapon's hidden stat that determines how efficient scaling is for that weapon for that stat, ranges from 0 to 1.
  • AR is truncated after the Ar calculation (116.9 AR becomes 116, 115.1 becomaes 115, so on and so forth).
  • Str for Strenght, Skl for skill,. Bld for Bloodtinge, Arc for Arcane
  • "To do: Beast Claw, Burial Blade, Chikage, Lugarius's Wheel, Rosamarinus
  • For example, a pure physical weapon's AR may be calculated as AR = BaseD*(1 + StrBNS*StrScale + SklBNS*SklScale)
  • A pure Bloodtinge weapon will go like AR = BaseD*(1 + BldBNS*BldScale)

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